We Are Your Legal Partners

Nilges Draher LLC is a team of dedicated individuals that work to right the wrongs that employers inflict on their workers. Not every act of mistreatment or ill-will in the workplace is illegal, but you do have rights that deserve to be upheld. We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership in which we work together to achieve the results you deserve.

We have experience in a wide array of federal and Ohio employment law cases and legal solutions. We are skilled negotiators who will work toward a settlement that benefits you, but we are also skilled in the courtroom. We have obtained several seven-figure settlements for our clients. We get results because we put in the work to provide top-quality representation.

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When You Meet With Us

Clients often wonder what kind of information or evidence they need before hiring a lawyer. The reality is, we will gather the info we need once we have talked to you, but it is important to seek legal help quickly. If you have any paystubs, time records and/or your employee handbook with you, those are helpful materials.

The first thing we do with clients is determine their situation. We want to know what happened to cause you to seek out legal help. From there, we will walk you through the best way to proceed.

We Are Available To Help You

We know how important issues with your livelihood are. We commit ourselves to availability and quick responses. Oftentimes, we are able to reply to a client within the same day they contacted us.

For a free consultation about the situation you are facing, call us at 330-470-8656 or fill out our online form. From our office in the Canton area, we service clients throughout Ohio.