Your Employer Cannot Discriminate By Sex

In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was passed, which made it illegal for employers to pay men and women differently for the same job duties based on their sex. This includes not only salary and wages but also overtime pay, vacation pay, travel expenses, company benefits and other similar payments.

In order for the Equal Pay Act to apply, your job must be "substantially equal" to the other person's job. This means your duties require the same level of responsibility and skill, as well as a similar work environment. Even if you hold different positions within the company, your jobs may be considered equal for the purposes of the Equal Pay Act.

What Should You Do About Unequal Pay?

In general, co-workers avoid talking about their salaries. However, if you discover that your pay differs, there are a few steps you can take. You can speak to your manager or HR about the issue. Whether or not you choose to talk to your employer about the issue, consulting a lawyer is also a wise idea.

Nilges Draher LLC has experience with these types of cases. Our attorneys can tell you what steps to take next. We can help you file a formal complaint or resolve the matter through other means such as a lawsuit, if necessary. We also protect our clients from retaliation for reporting illegal behaviors.

Stand Up For Your Rights

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