What Counts As A Wage And Hour Violation?

Wage and hour violations come in many forms, so employees may not realize their rights are being violated. Companies must adhere to specific regulations about wages, break times and worker classification. Some common violations we handle include:

  • Paying below minimum wage
  • Classifying full-time workers as contractors
  • Failing to pay for paid breaks
  • Failing to pay overtime
  • Failing to pay for travel time

What Are Ohio's Laws On Breaks?

Ohio does not require employers to provide breaks to workers over the age of 18. However, many companies choose to offer them anyway. Meal breaks can legally be unpaid. However, rest breaks that are 20 minutes or shorter must be paid. If your employer chooses to offer short rest breaks, you should be receiving wages for that time. This includes restroom breaks.

A break is considered a period of time in which you are not performing your job duties. Some employers offer their workers a lunch break but require them to continue working while they eat. If your employer does this, they must pay you for your lunchtime because you were still working.

How Do You Know If You Have A Case?

The best way to know if your employer is acting illegally is to save records of your employment. Keep paystubs and any record of the hours you worked and breaks you took. Make sure the wages you receive match the actual time you worked.

If you see or suspect any suspicious activity regarding your wages or hours, talk to an employment law attorney. Our lawyers at Nilges Draher LLC are ready to stand up for you against illegal practices.

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