We Are Committed To Helping Every Employee Attain Justice

At Nilges Draher LLC, we are committed to offering legal help for employees from every type of hiring situation. Depending on whether you are an hourly employee, a salaried professional, or considered exempt or non-exempt in terms of overtime pay, your rights will vary. But federal and Ohio state laws provide numerous kinds of protections to employees in terms of how hours and wages are calculated, how workers are classified, and what recourse they have if there are violations of FMLA leave or ADA/reasonable accommodation requests.

Who We Help

Here is just a partial listing of job titles of clients whom we have helped with workers' rights issues.

Restaurant/Hospitality Industry:

  • Servers/waiters/waitresses
  • Food service workers/cooks/bakers
  • Busboys/dishwashers/baristas

Retail/Sales/Logistics Industries:

  • Route drivers
  • Retail cashiers and stockers
  • Delivery drivers and logistics personnel

Manufacturing/Construction Industries:

  • Manufacturing line employees
  • Heavy machine operators
  • Food production line workers
  • Food packaging workers
  • Construction day laborers
  • Traveling laborers

Health Care Industry

  • Home health aides
  • Hospital employees, including orderlies or certified nursing assistants

Confused About Which Laws Apply To You?

Often, you may be so focused on doing a good job at work that when you experience a possible employment law violation, you may be unclear about which laws apply to your case. An attorney from our firm will discuss your situation in detail with you and discover the best strategies for resolving your conflict. Regardless of your official employment status, we will partner with you to map out an action plan — inside or outside of the courtroom — that will provide you with the rights and compensation to which you are entitled.

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