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Have you experienced discrimination at work in Cleveland? Are you confused about whether you have a legal case or even about what your rights are? Get the facts about Cleveland’s discrimination laws and discover whether you have a strong legal claim. Talk to an experienced Cleveland discrimination lawyer at Nilges Draher LLC right now.

Our law firm has years of experience handling some of the most complicated employment law cases in Cleveland and throughout the country. But don’t take our word for it. Our results speak for themselves – more than $50 million recovered for workers in Cleveland and across America.

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It’s also important to remember that you only have a limited amount of time to take legal action in Ohio if you believe you’re a victim of workplace discrimination. In many cases, there’s a deadline (known as the statute of limitations) to file a complaint with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which investigate such complaints. We can help you file a formal complaint and pursue other legal action in a timely, effective manner. Simply contact us today.

What is your case?

People face discrimination in the workplace for many different reasons. We can help if you experienced discrimination on the job in Cleveland. Some of the most common cases we handle include:

  • Racial discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • National Origin discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Retaliatory discrimination
  • Age discrimination (if you are over 40 years old)

Cleveland also recently passed a law making it illegal to discriminate in the workplace on the basis of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Whatever form of discrimination you’re facing at work, we want to help you hold your employer accountable for their actions.

How we can help you

You might think you don’t need a lawyer if the OCRC or EEOC are investigating your workplace discrimination complaint in Cleveland. But it’s important to understand you’re not the only person filing such a complaint. And without an attorney advocating for your best interests, your case could quickly be forgotten and not receive the attention it deserves.

We can aggressively investigate your case. We can then present our findings to your company. Often, employers agree to negotiate with us to resolve such claims. But if they refuse to cooperate, we’re prepared to take them to court on your behalf.

This might be your only opportunity for justice. Make the most of it with an experienced Cleveland workplace discrimination attorney on your side. Schedule your free consultation with a legal team that demands results – Nilges Draher LLC.

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