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Wage and hour claims:
You were not paid for hours you worked.You were not paid or underpaid overtime.You performed unpaid work before you punched in or after you punched out.Your employer rounds off your clock-in and clock-out times.Your employer pays you to your scheduled shift, even if you work longer.You are required to work through lunch breaks that are not paid.

You believe your were discriminated against because of your:
Race, ethnicity or national originGenderReligious beliefsSexual orientationPregnancyAge (over 40 years old)

You believe you were wrongfully terminated.You were harassed at work.You were assaulted at work.You were denied medical leave.You were retaliated against for exercising your rights, such as by filing for workers’ compensation or making a complaint in good faith.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list of types of claims we handle. Even if none of the above apply, you may still have a case.

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