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Study: Majority of Medical Interns Have Been Sexually Harassed

Despite increased attention and accountability in recent years, workplace sexual harassment remains a pervasive and often underreported problem. In particular, in the medical field, a new study reveals that nearly two-thirds of medical interns have experienced sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is illegal under both federal and state law, but those laws aren’t self-executing. You need...

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Wage & Hour Violations During the Holiday Season

You deserve to be properly paid for all hours worked For many employees in Ohio and across the nation, the holiday season is also the busy season. Workers in retail, logistics, and related industries often have to work overtime to meet the increased consumer demand. Additional hours should, of course, lead to bigger paychecks, but...

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NLRB Decision Extends Collective Action Protections

Federal board rules that employee advocacy for non-employees is protected. American workers have long had the legal right to collectively advocate for themselves on labor law matters, such as better pay and working conditions. However, there have often been disputes on just how far that right to concerted action extends. In a win for employees,...

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New Sexual Harassment Guidelines Would Clarify Employees' Rights

The past several years have seen numerous legal and practical changes in the area of workplace harassment. The federal agency that investigates harassment claims is now proposing new guidance to clarify employees' rights and employers' responsibilities. Last month, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced new proposed guidelines for employers regarding illegal workplace harassment. The...

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Proposed Rule Could Make Millions Eligible for Overtime

A proposed Department of Labor (DOL) rule could dramatically impact the number of workers who currently qualify as exempt employees, if it goes into effect as planned. The federal agency announced on August 30 a proposed rulemaking that would raise the salary threshold to qualify for the "white-collar exemption" from $684 to $1,059 weekly, or...

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The Billion-Dollar Violation of Workers' Rights: Wage Theft

Every year, employers in Ohio and across the United States steal billions of dollars from their employees. If employees were to steal that much from their employers, they would be facing lengthy prison sentences. But when employers illegally short-change their employees, they often face little accountability. That's the reality of wage theft in America. According...

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Unpaid Wages for Home Health Aides

Know your rights under the federal wage and hour laws. Home health workers have a difficult job. They work long hours, perform physically demanding duties, are constantly on the road, and usually receive low pay and benefits. Unfortunately, home health agencies are also notorious for skirting state and federal wage and hour laws, taking money...

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Employees' Rights in Ohio: Meal Breaks

You must be paid for all hours worked. Is your employer following federal and Ohio law with regard to breaks? While the federal and Ohio wage laws do not require Ohio employers to offer breaks, they do set standards that must be followed if an employer does offer breaks. If your employer is violating the...

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How to Recognize Illegal Discrimination in the Workplace

Make sure you know your legal rights and options at work. Under both federal and Ohio law, employees are entitled to a work environment free from illegal discrimination. That includes discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (if over 40), disability, or genetic information. It also includes protection from retaliation...

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