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Can you sue your boss over drug test privacy issues?

The Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled in a case revolving around privacy rights during employment drug screenings. Employers can now have someone watch when employees give urine samples. The Supreme Court ruling stems from a case involving Donna Lundsford, whose concern for workplace privacy rights sparked an investigation by 19 News in June 2020. "I...

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Wage theft costs US workers billions each year

If you work, you deserve to earn every penny you're entitled to. In far too many cases, however, workers are cheated out of money. This happens when employers break the law or put their own interests first. Wage theft is an under-prosecuted crime that costs American workers billions of dollars each year. Employers who are...

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How do I know if I qualify for medical leave?

Do you have a sick child, parent or spouse who needs you to care for them? Are you pregnant or did you recently give birth and need to stay home? Are you facing a serious health condition and can’t perform your job? In any of these cases, you may qualify for medical leave. Employees in...

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What should I do if I lost my job due to COVID-19?

First and foremost, make every effort to keep you and others safe by maintaining social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and taking other safety precautions, including abiding by applicable quarantine orders. The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the health and lives of millions of Americans, with that number expected to grow considerably. As a result...

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How prevalent is wage theft in Ohio?

Some employers throughout Ohio cheat workers by not paying fair or legal wages, making it difficult for working people to make ends meet. This is called wage theft and includes: Not paying overtime Refusing to give employees their last paychecks after resigning from their jobs Not paying for all hours worked Paying below the minimum...

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The EEOC nullifies its policy statement against mandatory workplace arbitration

Some employers may require new employees to enter into mandatory arbitration agreements, which prevent claims from being handled in court. Arbitration agreements also reduce many of the legal rights afforded to employees by federal law. Instead, workplace incidents are handled internally. By requiring employees to enter into mandatory arbitration agreements, employers may be able to...

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Workplace discrimination lawsuits can promote diversity

Management in top U.S. corporations has become more diverse in recent years, with more women and people of color attaining positions that once seemed out of reach. What is the driving factor behind these positive changes? It turns out that discrimination lawsuits – corporations being sued for bad and illegal behavior – have improved gender...

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