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We all want to work in a harassment-free environment. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Worse than that, not all harassment is illegal.

The employment laws are very specific about conduct that rises to the level of unlawful harassment. There are two basic types of unlawful harassment: Quid pro Quo (or this for that) harassment and hostile work environment harassment. Both demand strong legal responses.

If you are subject to unlawful harassment in the workplace, contact Nilges Draher LLC. We can help.

Common workplace harassment issues

Quid pro Quo harassment generally results when an employment decision, like promotion or termination, is based on the employee’s acceptance or rejection of sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. An example of this type of harassment is a supervisor who demotes an employee for rejecting his request for sexual favors.

Hostile work environment harassment often results from the unwelcome conduct of supervisors or co-workers, or anyone else with whom the employee interacts on the job, and the unwelcome conduct renders the workplace atmosphere intimidating, hostile, or offensive.

Workplace harassment does not have to be sexual in nature to be unlawful. Rather, harassment on the basis of any protected characteristic is prohibited. Examples of this harassment include:  telling off-color jokes about race, gender, disability or other protected characteristics, using inappropriate terms, gestures or epithets, among other things.

We talk to hundreds of employees each year who are being harassed at work.  The most common question these employees ask us is “what is harassment or a hostile work environment?” and “what should I do if I am being harassed?” If you are struggling with these questions, please visit the links below.

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