What Are You Missing?

Are you getting the best, most complete results for your clients? We have learned that when a client has a workplace injury, personal injury or other legal issue, they often also have related employment law claims. Some examples include:

Overtime And Minimum Wage Claims

Common violations of the FLSA include misclassification of employees as exempt from overtime or as independent contractors, improper rounding practices and deductions, failing to include non-discretionary bonus in overtime rates, paying nonexempt employees a day rate or salary and not paying an overtime premium.


Many times, workplace injuries and other personal injuries give rise to Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and disability discrimination (ADA) issues. For example, as a practice, many employers fail to recognize unpaid leave as a reasonable accommodation to a qualifying disability and terminate an injured workers' employment after the expiration of FMLA leave or after another set amount of time. This practice likely violates the FMLA and/or ADA and related state law statutes.

Let us partner with you in determining whether your client's employer violated the FLSA, FMLA, ADA or other employment law.

We can offer the following benefits to your firm and your clients:

We Make It Easy

You will find missed opportunities. Because wage and hour and medical leave laws are technical and complex, it is often the case that, "You don't know what you don't know." We will provide you the training and resources to help you easily identify potential issues.

Your Clients Will Be Well Served

We consider it an honor that you have trusted us enough to make a referral. We know that your own reputation, as well as ours, is on the line when you make a referral. You can trust that we will provide the client excellent and timely customer service, as well as experienced and dedicated representation. We will keep you in the loop with regular, written status updates.

Your Income Will Be Increased

We enter into co-counsel and fee sharing arrangements with our referral partners that comply with the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. We will craft a co-counsel relationship that works best for you. We understand that some referring attorneys may want to take a very active role in the case, and others will not. Whatever the appropriate co-counsel arrangement, we will take care of drafting the required agreements and seeking the client's prior approval.