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Are You Being Set Up To Be Fired?

Our Ohio wrongful termination attorneys explain your rights

Are you afraid your job is in jeopardy? Nervous you’re being targeted for speaking out at work? These are legitimate concerns that need to be taken seriously. That’s why it’s important to speak with a wrongful termination attorney as soon as possible.

At Nilges Draher LLC, we can talk with you about what is going on and whether there is any legal action you can take. That’s because our Ohio wrongful termination lawyers have years of experience representing employees who were wrongfully terminated.

Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. An employment law attorney can protect your rights from the beginning. Schedule a free case evaluation today.

Warning signs your job is in jeopardy

Every case is different. But often, there are warning signs that your supervisor or boss wants to fire you. This is especially true if you recently filed a complaint at work about unsafe working conditions, discrimination or harassment. Some of the warning signs that you’re being targeted and could lose your job include:

  • Sudden change in work shift to a difficult time (especially if you have child care issues)
  • Negative performance reviews for the first time in your career
  • Negative comments by a supervisor or boss about your job performance
  • Work normally assigned to you is assigned to someone else
  • Your supervisor or boss stops talking to you
  • You’re no longer invited to work meetings you normally attend
  • Being passed over for promotion
  • Being denied a raise

Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, take the first step and schedule a free consultation with our firm.

How we can help you

What makes these cases so complicated is your supervisor or boss will likely deny that they’re retaliating against you. Instead, they’ll likely use vague language about how they’re simply not happy with your job performance anymore or that the company wants to go in a different direction.

While it’s true that Ohio is an at-will employment state – meaning your employer can terminate you with or without cause at any time – your employer cannot terminate you for an unlawful reason. You do have rights as a worker. This is especially true if you filed a complaint at your company about harassment, discrimination, unsafe working conditions or not being paid for hours you worked. Filing such a complaint qualifies as a protected activity. And under Ohio law, your employer cannot fire you in retaliation for filing such a complaint, regardless of whether you are an at-will employee.

This might sound straightforward. But wrongful termination cases are almost always contentious. That’s why it’s critical that you get legal advice as soon as possible. Simply contact us to learn more.

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