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Improper Rounding and Pay to Shift Policies are Wage Theft

Our Ohio wage law attorneys can help you

Some employers will stop at nothing to find ways to pay their workers for less than they deserve. That's illegal - and we can help.

Understanding pay to shift

Many employers chose to pay their employees based on their scheduled shift times, even though their time records prove that they worked before or after their shifts, or both. Simply put, that is against the law. Your employer is required to pay you for all hours worked, no matter what the original schedule said.

In the world of wage law, this is called a "pay to shift" case. At Nilges Draher LLC, we have recovered unpaid wages for hundreds of workers who are victims of their employer's illegal "pay to shift" practices. If you believe your employer paid you based on your scheduled shift time, and not based on your actual time worked, contact us. We can help.

Understanding improper rounding

Many employers also have an "improper rounding practice." Employers who have this improper practice round their employees' punch in and punch out times in a way that always results in employees losing money for time worked. It may seem like no big deal, but over time, this can add up to quite a lot of money that your employer is stealing right out of your pocket. Our attorneys have recovered unpaid wages for hundreds of workers who are victim to their employer's "improper rounding" practice.  If you believe your employer rounded your start and stop times, contact us. We can help.

Don't blindly trust that your employer is paying you for all of your hours worked. We review hundreds of pages of payroll records every week. Most times, the only way for us to discover these illegal pay practices is to analyze those records. That means - most times employees don't know that they are being robbed of their hard-earned wages. Call us today for a free consultation to see if you are being paid for all of your hours worked. If you aren't, we can help.

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