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Are you being paid less than what you should be paid because you’re working on a piece-rate basis? Has the company paying you told you there’s nothing they can do? That this is just the way it is and you can either take it or leave it?

Don’t let them push you around. You have rights and we can fight for them. At Nilges Draher LLC, an experienced Ohio wage law lawyer can review the details of your case with you. We can then offer you advice on the best approach for addressing your wage claim, if you have one.

Experience matters when it comes to successfully resolving such complicated cases. That’s why we’re proud of our case results – more than $50 million and counting recovered for workers in Ohio and across the country. This money often makes a dramatic difference in people’s lives – and you could be eligible as well.

Common piece-rate worker violations

Piece-rate workers receive a set amount of money for each piece they produce. This approach is common for some repair workers or factory workers. A company will pay them a set price for each item, regardless of how long the work takes.

That might seem like a fair approach, especially if you can do the work at a fast pace. But some piece-rate projects can take significantly longer. As a result, you might find yourself being paid below minimum wage when you add all the work up together. And, if you work over 40 hours in a workweek, you are entitled to overtime compensation.

The business paying you might say that’s not their problem. But that’s not true. Companies are required to pay most workers minimum wage, including piece-rate employees. And if they refuse to do so, we can work with you to make sure they follow the law.

We put your best interests first

Piece-rate wage and hour violation cases can be complicated. The company you’re working for might insist they’re doing nothing wrong. They’ll also likely hire an attorney to defend their actions and avoid paying you the money you rightfully deserve.

Another factor to consider – you’re probably not the only piece-rate worker being cheated out of money owed to you by the same company. As a result, you and fellow workers could have a strong class action lawsuit claim against your company, and an experienced wage law attorney can help.

But you’ll only know for sure if you have a strong legal case if you contact us. That’s why we urge you to schedule your free case evaluation with us as soon as possible. Our legal team can review your case with you and get straight to work. Remember, you didn’t do anything wrong. You’re just trying to get the money you deserve for work you did. We can help.

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