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A discrimination attorney will take your case seriously

Discrimination at work on the basis of gender is simply against the law. Proving that you were discriminated against on the basis of your gender, however, is not always so simple. Companies know that. Companies continue to discriminate on the basis of gender, especially when it comes to women.

We can help you hold them accountable.  The experienced attorneys at Nilges Draher LLC understand the complex and individualized nature of gender discrimination cases. If you believe your employer discriminated against you because of your gender, contact us. We can help. We have offices conveniently located in Columbus, Cleveland, and North Canton.

What is gender discrimination?

Gender discrimination cases can vary significantly – from blatant discrimination on the basis of gender to more subtle forms of sex discrimination – and are very dependent on each individual employee’s circumstances. Examples can include:

  • Failing to hire an individual because she is a woman.
  • Promoting a less experienced man instead of a more experienced woman.
  • Paying a man more money than a woman with the same skills and experiences (a violation of the Equal Pay Act).
  • Giving men larger raises than women who have the same job and the same level of skills and experience.
  • Unwanted sexual advances at work by a supervisor or co-worker.
  • Refusing to hire a transgender person.
  • Giving women poor job performance reviews for not being “feminine” enough.

There are many other ways in which employees can face gender discrimination in the workplace. If something seems wrong, contact us right away. We can help.

How we can help you fight back

Let’s face it: your employer is highly unlikely to admit to illegal gender discrimination. They will find a way to blame you for your termination, demotion or whatever other negative situation you’re in. And they will hire expensive attorneys to defend their interests.

But you (and your employer) know the truth. Gender discrimination cases are complex and specific to your situation.  We will work with you to understand what happened – and we’ll go to work to tell your story and protect your legal rights.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing victims of unlawful gender discrimination in Ohio state and federal courts, and we will put that experience to work for you. We know how to build a strong discrimination case. Our gender discrimination attorneys know how to find the evidence we need and fight for you in court. Contact us right now and schedule your free case evaluation.

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