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Ohio wrongful termination attorneys explain your rights

Were you fired from your job? Not every termination is unlawful. Some examples of unlawful termination include:

  • Being terminated because of your race, age, gender, disability, national origin, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.
  • Being terminated for reporting unlawful conduct, such as sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination
  • Being terminated for requesting a medical accommodation
  • Being terminated for reporting unsafe work conditions
  • Being terminated for reporting illegal pay practices
  • Being terminated for requesting or taking protected medical leave
  • Being terminated for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

These are just some examples of wrongful termination. There are many others. The only way to know if your termination was unlawful is to talk to an experienced employment law attorney. Contact Nilges Draher LLC for your free case evaluation. We will answer all of your questions and provide the information you need to decide what you should do next.

We have represented victims of wrongful termination in state and federal courts throughout Ohio. If you were wrongfully terminated, we can help.

We have one purpose – to stand up for workers’ rights. If your rights were violated, we will fight for you.

What you should do

If you believe your termination was unlawful, it is important for you to

  • Gather all the documents in your possession that relate to your employment, such as employee manuals, paystubs, emails and photographs (if permitted by employer policy)
  • Make a list of all persons you believe have knowledge of unlawful conduct.
  • Contact us as soon as possible.

What you should not do

If you believe your termination was unlawful, you should not:

  • Try to figure out the complex employment laws on your own.
  • Initiate contact with your former employer – including your former supervisor or company’s Human Resources department.
  • Destroy evidence related to your employment – good or bad.
  • Share information about your termination on social media or in any other public forum.
  • Discuss your unlawful termination with anyone but an experienced employment law attorney.

We can help you

Unlawful termination is a serious matter, and you need an experienced Ohio wrongful termination lawyer on your side. Contact us for your free case evaluation. We can help.

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