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Former Nike Workers Sue Over Gender Discrimination

Women in Ohio and across the country run the risk of facing workplace discrimination whether they work at a small business or at a major corporation. In one prominent example, a group of former female employees of Nike sued the sports gear manufacturer, accusing it of promoting an environment of systematic discrimination against women on the job. Specifically, the women’s lawsuit accuses Nike of discriminating against female workers in terms of promotions, pay and employment conditions. The women are seeking class-action status for their lawsuit.

Charges of discrimination at Nike first received widespread notice in March when a group of women at the company presented the results of a survey about women’s experience in the workplace to the CEO. Following the results, which alleged widespread pay discrimination and other severe issues, the company’s CEO announced a leadership restructuring that included the termination of 11 executives. In addition, 7,000 workers at Nike were given raises after an internal review of gender discrimination and other pay disparities at the company. The company said that it had failed to live up to its obligations to promote and hire women and that many women felt a lack of respect and denial of opportunities.

In the interim, the women who filed the lawsuit said that they were deprived of opportunities to advance their careers, including enhanced salaries, bonuses and stock options. They said that they complained to the company’s human resources department about discrimination but were ignored or dismissed; they are seeking compensation for lost pay and other damages.

Despite the rise of the #MeToo movement and the spotlight on sexual harassment and gender discrimination at work, women continue to suffer from these abuses on the job. Women who have been discriminated against at work may consult an employment lawyer to take legal action and seek justice for unlawful treatment.

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