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Studies And Personal Accounts Reveal Pregnancy Discrimination

Deciding to have children could prove to be a bad career move for women in Ohio. A recent article at a major newspaper highlighted accounts of pregnancy discrimination at large employers. One woman who worked at a commodities trading firm was told by her boss that she had nowhere to go at the workplace because of she was old and having babies.

Another example presented a Walmart distribution center employee whose supervisor had resisted granting her breaks for morning sickness until she brought in a note from her doctor. When a doctor’s note also said that she needed to avoid heavy lifting, the supervisor recommended that she take unpaid leave because she created a liability for the company.

In addition to discrimination lawsuits that document illegal comments from employers, studies have analyzed the effects of motherhood on women’s careers. Data collected across twenty years demonstrates the prejudice shown pregnant people and mothers. One law professor said that the maternal wall limited women’s career prospects before they ever hit a glass ceiling.

Despite widespread discrimination, the law takes the side of working mothers. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act bars employers from treating pregnant women differently than other people in regards to job opportunities, pay and benefits.

A person confronted by workplace discrimination could ask an attorney for a case evaluation. An attorney may decide to review hiring practices, payroll records, employee evaluations and statements from managers to see if a pattern of illegal mistreatment emerges. To pursue a settlement, an attorney might communicate the violations directly to the employer or write a complaint for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If a case requires litigation, an attorney may decide to prepare court filings and describe the discrimination to a jury. These actions might result in a financial settlement.

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