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Transgender Discrimination in the Workplace: Ohio Attorneys Discuss

Ohio employment lawMany employers are well aware of the laws against workplace discrimination, and for those who are still in the dark, it’s time to start paying attention.  

Even in 2019, we’re still seeing workplace discrimination against transgender people along with other members of the LGBT community. According to Quartz at Work, a meager nine percent of people age 45 or older report having association with or working with a transgender person.  

Transgender discrimination, still an at-large problem

While many employers remain clandestine when it comes to discrimination, research suggests that those responsible purposely alienate transgender people. They may not express any kind of outright discriminatory language, but they will most certainly create an unwelcoming atmosphere.   

That might explain the high rate of unemployment among transgender people, which is three times higher than cisgender unemployment. About 29 percent of transgender people in the US live under the poverty line. Roughly 50 percent of transgender people in the US suffer from depression and/or anxiety. 

What employers should be doing to create a welcoming atmosphere

Quartz at Work suggests some practices employers should do to help end workplace discrimination against transgender employees. These include:  

  • Reach out to organizations to help create exclusive and diverse hiring practices. 
  • Challenge and screen interviewers and recruiters for any biases regarding appearance, behavior, and competence. 
  • Create an inclusive and trans-friendly work atmosphere, even if there are no transgender employees.  
  • Utilize mentorship programs, human resource departments, and employee resource groups to create a safe and motivational atmosphere for transgender workers.  

Have you experienced discrimination? Don’t wait to take action. 

It’s a shame that in 2019, we’re still dealing with discrimination in the workplace. In many cases, employers will deny any wrongdoing on their part when allegations are brought against them. Proving discrimination based on gender identity may be challenging. That’s why consulting with an experienced Ohio employment lawyer is a necessary step in pursuing justice.  

At Nilges Draher LLC, we fight for the rights of employees throughout the state of Ohio and beyond. We’ll uncover crucial evidence to help you build a solid discrimination case. If you suspect that you are being treated differently in the workplace because of your gender identity, contact us today to discuss your legal matter. Your consultation is completely confidential and there is absolutely no obligation to hire us – just honest answers about your legal rights. We can help. 

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