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Important information for Ohio residents who wish to extend unemployment benefits

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We previously discussed what to do if you lost your job due to a pandemic at the start of COVID-19. At the time, millions of people across the United States had lost their jobs due to business closures.

Some people have since returned to work, bringing the national unemployment rate down to a still-staggering 11.1 percent.

The pandemic led Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to issue a statewide stay-at-home order. This caused several “non-essential” businesses to shut down. In March of 2020, Ohio’s unemployment rate was 5.8 percent. By April, it rose to a whopping 17.6 percent.

As of June 2020, the latest data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Ohio dropped down to 10.9 percent.

Here are the latest national unemployment statistics.

Details regarding benefits extension

Currently, Ohio residents who have not returned to work or found new employment are eligible for unemployment benefits amounting to half of their average weekly pay for up to 26 weeks. For those who exhaust their unemployment benefits, it may be possible to extend them, according to cleveland.com. For example, workers who first filed for unemployment benefits in mid-March can have their benefits extended until May of 2021.

Ohio’s unemployment rate exceeds eight percent. So, Ohio is one of 49 states that is eligible for federal funding and an unemployment extension.

Those who qualify for extended unemployment benefits will soon be notified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

“Although high unemployment rates are never welcome news, we are happy that we can offer this extra support for Ohioans who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are having difficulty finding work,” said Kimberly Hall, the department’s director.

For more information regarding the extension of unemployment benefits in Ohio, visit the department’s website.

Challenges with filing for new unemployment claims

If you plan on filing for unemployment benefits in Ohio, be aware that your benefits may be placed on hold. Recently, around 270,000 unemployment claims were temporarily placed on hold while an investigation was conducted by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services regarding fraudulent claims.

This hold on unemployment has hurt thousands of Ohio residents who are in need of the assistance. This also comes at a time when the financial assistance of $600 per week has come to an end.

How can I go about obtaining extended benefits?

Not sure how to get started with unemployment benefits or an extension of benefits? Get the right legal guidance from an experienced Ohio employment law attorney.

The legal team at Nilges Draher LLC is dedicated to serving workers throughout Ohio and nationwide. If you have lost your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic or are dealing with any other issues involving wages, work benefits, workplace harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, or discrimination, contact us online. We offer free and confidential legal consultations.

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